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We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of quality pine apple cheese winder. These winders are used for making bi conical for Mono-filament yarn. Equipped with a 3 phase individual torque motor which has a rating of 150 watts and runs at 1400 Rpm, these winders are suitable for making fine pine apple cheese. The inner diameter of the cheese pipe lies in the range of 28mm-35mm and can be varied according to the requirements. Along with a 40 mm heavy duty hardened and ground finished cam, they also have a in built cam follower, pushing type doffing device, fine control, loading and unloading system and main dimmer set that enables it to make high quality pine apple cheese. The special design enables a line speed of 1000-125 meters per minute which varies according to the pipe diameter for mono-filament yarn units manufactured in segment of 16, 20 and 24 spindles.